Brick is Doing a Weekend Residency with Ray Major


Brick will be performing in Evansville, Indiana on March 28 and 29 at Bokeh Lounge.  Matt Sullivan opens both evening.

Brick and Ray will be joined onstage by bassist Eric “Big Sexy” Lee.  Matt Sullivan will join them onstage as well.

Ray Major is a multi-instrumentalist who will be focusing on violin and harmonica for these shows.  He will add Banjo as well to the repertoire for an upcoming recording he and Brick are planning for May.

This show is a kick-off for a string of Brick’s Solo/Duo/Trio shows this summer.

Brick with Ray Major

Brick with Ray Major


Video from Local 7 Lifestyles TV Show

We played on a morning show in Evansville/Henderson.  Here is the video… there’s an ad that kind of doesn’t do anything at the beginning…


Brick also joined meteorologist Ron Rhodes for a little fun.   You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows when there’s funky fruit involved.


Evansville, IN Show on November 9


Brick & Tall Young Men will appear at the Bokeh Lounge on Saturday November 9.  Matt Sullivan will open the evening with a set of his raw folk wonderfulness.

Brick will be accompanied by Eric Lee on Bass, Tim Gaisser on Drums and Logan Dyer on Sax.